Hair, Nails, Makeup

  • Be sure your hair is attractively arranged in your usual style and not covering your eyes
  • Your hands and fingernails should be clean and groomed as hands will show on many poses
  • Your regular daytime make-up is preferred. Makeup can enhance portraits but should not be overdone.
  • Avoid the sun at least a day or two before your portrait, as tan lines will show.


  • We suggest you wear an outfit with colors and styles that flatter you most.
  • Avoid sleeveless and strapless dresses and tops.
  • Solid colors photograph best.
  • Suits and sports jackets are recommended as these are formal portraits.
  • For the cap and gown, guys are welcome to bring a white collared shirt and tie.

Super and Custom Sessions (What to Bring)

  • Your favorite jacket, shirt, sweater, or uniform
  • A sports jersey and prop (golf club, pom poms, surfboard, running shoes)
  • A musical instrument
  • A prop related to your favorite hobby (make-up tools, video game console)

Tuxedo and Drape

You are welcome to borrow a tuxedo or drape for your senior portraits. If you’d like to borrow a drape, please come prepared with a tube top or spaghetti-strapped shirt. If you would like to borrow a tuxedo, please come prepared wearing a plain white t-shirt.