Am I required to wear the drape/tuxedo?2021-03-26T13:54:57-07:00

The list of schools that require the drape and tuxedo for senior portraits are:

  • Canoga Park High School
  • Cleveland Charter High School
  • El Camino Real Charter High School
  • Franklin High School
  • Hamilton High School
  • John F. Kennedy High School
  • Louisville High School
  • Francis Polytechnic High School
  • Reseda Charter High School
  • STEM Academy of Hollywood
  • Sun Valley Magnet School
  • Sylmar Charter High School
  • Sylmar Biotech Health & Engineering Magnet

All other high schools’ seniors are welcome to be photographed in the drape or tuxedo, but are not required to do so. Formal attire is necessary for yearbook portraits for all schools, however.

Are you open?2020-09-04T10:50:38-07:00

Both of our studio locations are now currently open with reduced appointment availability. All persons are required to wear a mask to enter the building. For the safety of all customers and employees, no exceptions will be made. If you have a fever, a cough, or are sick, please cancel or reschedule your visit.

Please visit our COVID-19 Procedures page for more information.

Note that wait times may be longer than normal due to COVID-19 and social distancing orders.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Can I call you?2020-09-04T10:59:53-07:00

While we do have representatives available, please note that call wait times may be longer than normal. However, our customer service team is still available by email at info@whites-studios.com to answer your questions.

Can I keep my proof sheets once I’ve received them in the mail?2022-06-15T12:29:56-07:00

All proof sheets are free with the purchase of any order. If you are not placing an order and would like to keep your proof sheets, you may purchase them at $7 per sheet.

Can I retake my photos?2021-03-26T13:45:35-07:00

You may retake your photo session for $7.50 per style. Please be aware that it takes an additional 2 weeks to process and mail your proofs to you. Before you decide to retake your photos, be sure you have enough time for your photo to meet your school’s deadline. To book a resitting, please call our studios or book online.

Can I retake my underclass card photo?2020-09-04T10:49:51-07:00

Yes, you may contact your school to find out the photo make-up day. 

Can I see my portraits right away?2020-09-04T10:37:04-07:00

No. Our photographers work very hard to make you look your best and ensure that you have a great yearbook photo. The images shown on the camera are not processed and therefore cannot be shown after the session. 

Can I still place an order?2021-03-26T13:39:20-07:00

Yes! There is still time to place an order for the 2020-2021 school year. You may order Senior Portraits online through your online gallery here, and school pictures may be ordered through our portal here. To order from previous years, please contact us at info@whites-studios.com.

If you have questions about ordering or need help logging in, please reach out to us at info@whites-studios.com with your student’s full name, school, and grade.

Can I submit my yearbook photo choice over the phone?2020-09-04T10:32:00-07:00

No. To ensure and keep record that your yearbook choice is the correct one (and in fact selected by you), we only accept yearbook choice selections in person, online, or on your mail-in order form. 

Can I take photos with my phone or camera?2020-09-04T10:36:03-07:00

No. Personal photography and videography is not allowed. Our experienced photographs will make you look your best with our professional equipment and lighting. If you would like to take photos with your cell phones or cameras for personal use, you may do so in the waiting room, hallways, or dressing rooms. You may not take photos in the actual studio.

Can I take portraits with my friends/family?2020-09-04T10:36:23-07:00

Our studio now offers a generation session that you may choose as one of your styles in the super session or higher. You may be photographed with up to 2 family members or friends. Please call in advance of your appointment to let us know you are planning for your additional style (Super or Custom sessions only) to be a Generation style. 1 or both of your family member/friends may be asked to wait outside until they are photographed.

Do I get any prints with my session fee?2021-03-26T13:45:18-07:00

No, all portrait orders are purchased separately, after you have received your proofs. Log in to your gallery to see your senior portraits or fill out an order form and mail it in to the studio.

Do I get to choose my yearbook photo?2020-09-04T10:31:13-07:00

Yes, if you are photographed before your school’s yearbook deadline, you will receive instructions on how to select your yearbook photo.

If you are not photographed by your school’s deadline, you risk the chance of not selecting your yearbook pose, and not being included in your school’s yearbook.

Do I have to order a package or can I just order add-ons?2021-03-26T13:39:25-07:00

Yes, you must order a package. Add-on photos can only be added on to a package.

Do you accept walk-ins?2020-09-04T09:59:05-07:00

No, our sessions are by appointment only.

Do you offer any payment plans?2020-09-04T10:46:43-07:00

Yes, our studio offers an Easy Payment Plan that allows you to place an order and make payments as often as you’d like.

Your photos will not begin the production process until your order is paid in full.

If you are placing an order online, you may select automatic payments, however if you have signed up for this plan through an order form or over the phone, it is your responsibility to mail in or call our studio to make payments yourself.

Do you offer hair and makeup services?2020-09-04T10:32:33-07:00

No. Please come to your session prepared with your hair and makeup ready.

Do you offer larger sessions with more outfit changes?2020-09-04T10:40:51-07:00

If you would like to be photographed with 4 or more outfits, please book a second appointment for a longer time slot and let our receptionists know when you check in. You may call for assistance when booking your appointment.

Do you offer retouching services for Senior Portraits?2021-10-19T16:52:42-07:00

Yes, please see our retouching tiers below.

Basic Retouching: Free with any purchase

  • Blemish removal (not severe acne or dark spots)
  • Shine on face
  • Softening fine lines
  • Lightening underneath eyes (slight eye bag removal)
  • Light eyeglass glare
  • Minor stray hair around the outline of hair
  • Filling in minor gaps in hair with light showing in the background

Level 1 Retouching: $11 each

  • Teeth whitening
  • Scar removal
  • Eye whitening
  • Covering chest (for tops that are too low)
  • Clothing adjustments (i.e. fixing bow ties, wrinkles, buttons, straps)

Level 2 Retouching: $22 each

  • Major stray hair removal, including major hair gaps and bunches of hair
  • Skin discoloration and blotchiness or patches
  • Light tan line removal

Level 3 Retouching: $33 each

  • Removing minor miscellaneous items such as necklaces and small jewelry
  • Darker tan line removal

Level 4 Retouching: $44 each

  • Removal of larger miscellaneous items such as rings, bigger necklaces, chokers, and items of clothing
  • Severe acne and dark pitting
  • Birthmarks

Level 5 Retouching: $66 each

  • Braces removal
  • Background change

Do you supply clothing/props?2020-09-04T10:35:04-07:00

We offer the tuxedo and drape free for all sessions. The cap & gown are supplied for grad sessions and up. We do not provide any other clothing. You may find out more information about how we sanitize here.

We do have some props such as a football, basketball, and volleyball, however we suggest you bring your own for a more personalized session. Super Sessions and Custom sessions include an additional style which could be “your own thing” where you bring a featured prop.

How can I book my appointment?2020-09-04T10:04:45-07:00
How do I submit my yearbook selection?2020-09-04T11:00:31-07:00

Please make sure you are following submission guidelines and that you are submitting before the yearbook deadline. After your submission has been made, no changes may be made. When placing an order online, you will be asked to select a yearbook appropriate pose. This will be submitted once your order has been placed and a payment has been made. Yearbook selections may not be placed alone online.*

*If you are not placing an order, please fill out the student information and step #1 on one of the order forms mailed with your previews. Include the form and your previews in the return envelope sent to you, and mail it back to the studio. No additional payment is needed to choose your yearbook pose; submission is included with the Yearbook Choice session and above.

How long do I have to order senior portraits?2020-09-04T10:43:10-07:00

It is best to order before your yearbook deadline.

However, you have until the end of your graduating year to order senior portraits. After that, we cannot guarantee your portraits will still be available to order from. Please contact us at info@whites-studios.com if you are looking for past year senior portraits.

How long will my portrait session take?2020-09-04T10:39:21-07:00

We ask customers to block out an hour to hour and a half for your appointment, but session times vary.

Yearbook Session: 5-10 mins

Grad Session: 10-20 mins

Super Session: 20-30 mins

Custom Session: 30-40 mins

Please note that these are approximate times and may run shorter/longer than expected. Be aware that your time slot begins when the photographer calls your name to be photographed. If you are not ready to be photographed when your name is called, this may shorten your time in the camera room.

We suggest getting ready at home or while you are waiting for your appointment to ensure that the photographer has plenty of time to make you look your best. You are welcome to use our dressing rooms prior to your appointment time to get ready. If it is your turn to be photographed and you are not ready, please let our photographers know and they will kindly take other appointments until you are ready.

I have not yet picked up my order. How can I pick up?2021-03-26T13:40:31-07:00

Both studios will be open for regular business hours starting May 30th, 2020. If you have the postcard that was mailed to you, please bring it with you to the studio indicated on the postcard.

If you would like to add shipping to your order, please contact us at info@whites-studios.com. Standard shipping is $10 and Frame/Large Portrait shipping is $20.

If my child has special needs, can I request more time for their session?2020-09-04T10:41:08-07:00

Yes. If your child needs extra time, please book a larger appointment and let the receptionist know in advance. We will do our best to properly accommodate your child.

Is it too late to order my K-11 underclass photo?2020-09-04T10:49:28-07:00

No, you can mail your order form or call us during studio hours to place your order over the phone. Your underclass photos are available to order until the end of your school year.

Order K-11 Photos

Is there a fee to rent the tuxedo or drape?2021-03-26T13:45:46-07:00

All tuxedo and drape rentals are free of charge with all senior portrait sessions.

What form of payment do you accept?2020-09-04T10:46:21-07:00
Senior Portraits:

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and money orders. Online orders accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Underclass Photos:

Due to COVID-19, we are promoting contactless payment through our online prepay system at www.whites-studios.com/k-11photos which accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


We accept cash, checks, and all credit cards. No C.O.D. orders.

What if I only want to be in the yearbook and not have any other photos taken?2021-03-26T13:28:52-07:00

If you would like to take your photo for the yearbook and not receive any proofs, we offer a Yearbook Only session for $14.25. The photographer will take 2 photos and our studio will choose your yearbook photo and submit it to your school. You will not be able to select your photo.

What is a session fee?2020-09-04T10:05:24-07:00

The session fee is what you pay when you come in for your photography session. This fee covers taking your portraits, producing your preview sheets, and mailing them to your home. It also covers the production of photographing, retouching, preparing, and sending your yearbook photo to your school to be printed in the yearbook. It does not include portraits prints.

When can I book an appointment to be photographed?2021-05-22T13:12:39-07:00

Click here to book your appointment now!

We are booking June appointments now for Class of 2022, so it is important to book early to get the best appointment for you.

When can I expect my senior portrait order?2021-03-26T13:40:36-07:00

Our production team is working to complete orders in a timely manner. Orders would normally take 6 to 8 weeks to be ready, and we are working to deliver orders within that time frame and earlier whenever possible.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

When is my yearbook photo deadline?2021-06-15T17:12:55-07:00
When is the deadline to order senior portraits?2021-03-26T13:39:20-07:00

The classes of 2020 and 2021 are still able to order senior portraits. If you are having trouble logging in, email us at info@whites-studios.com.

When will my order be ready?2020-09-04T10:48:03-07:00

Your portraits will be ready between 6-8 weeks after paying in full.

Where is my customer number and pose number?2021-03-26T13:31:50-07:00

Your customer number is located on the proof sheets you receive in the mail. The number will be located underneath your school’s name.

Your pose number is the small white number located on the bottom left of each photo on your proof sheet.

If you are looking at your image online, each image has a photoID that consists of the digits of your customer and a pose number that corresponds with the preview sheets.

Which studio should I pick up my order from?2021-03-26T13:33:59-07:00

Your order will be available at the studio where you were photographed. If you were photographed in our trailer studio, your photos will be held at our North Hollywood studio. You can call to have them transferred to our Northridge studio at no charge or to add shipping for a fee.

If you would like to pick up your order at a studio where you were not photographed, you may call and have your order transferred to the other location.

Will my shoes show in my portrait?2020-09-04T10:35:22-07:00

In most cases, we do not photograph full-length photos unless requested by the senior or parent. If you would like to be photographed from head to toe, please let the receptionists know when you check in to your appointment.

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